Monday, April 25, 2016

Costa Rica Diary - La Catarata de La Fortuna

Hey there, everyone! Did you all have a great weekend? Mine was pretty quiet, I had to do some university stuff, went to the gym every day and prepared more Costa Rica posts for you. In two weeks I'll head back to Mallorca in Spain so I wanna finish the Costa Rica diary series before.
Today you get to see more waterfall pics because you know, I have a thing for waterfalls, haha. After our exhausting but fantastic trip to La Fortuna's volcanos we wanted to check out the famous Catarata de La Fortuna the next day. It's a pretty touristy place and we first thought it was kinda annoying that you have to pay $12 to get to see a waterfall. However, we really wanted to check it out because it's one of La Fortuna's biggest natural attractions so we didn't wanna miss it. We took a cab with Kathrin and Timo to the entrance of the waterfall park because it was too far away from our hotel and we weren't really in the mood to walk much that day. Once we arrived we payed and entered the park that susprised us with a stunning view of the waterfall right away. You could see the entire forest and cascade from a platform, it was pretty impressive to see it from so far away. And once again I thought Costa Rica is such a paradise with all its magical beaches, jungles and waterfalls.
From there we had to take what felt like millions of steps down to the cascade. Getting closer you could feel the power of the roaring water drop about 70-75 meter. It was such a beautiful scenery which made me fall in love with Costa Rica even more. Once we arrived at the bottom of the stream we met more people. To be honest, it was pretty crowded and therefore not as magical for me as the other waterfall from my last post. Tourists always destroy the experience somehow. However, we couldn't wait to dip into the crystal clear water. It was freezing and the waterfall so strong that you couldn't even get close to it. The force of the water was pushing you away which was actually really fun for us. It's pretty dangerous to get closer to the stream so you should stay away from it anyway.
After refreshing ourselves we went a little further to a beautiful lagoon right next to the cascade. We stayed a while there, went swimming again and had a fun photo shoot.
After a few hours at the Catarata de La Fortuna we wanted to check out the famous hot springs of La Fortuna. Outside of the park we found two great Swiss guys who gave us a lift to the hot river. There are several spots to enjoy a bath in the hot springs of La Fortuna but for most of them you have to pay a lot of money and they are pretty polished and therefore don't look very natural. We decided to try the free and wilder version, a hot river flowing from the volcano through La Fortuna. We had such a blast in the hot springs, it felt like sitting in a huge hot jacuzzi surrounded by a wild forest with people from all over the world. I couldn't believe how hot the water was, it was so relaxing I could've stayed in there forever. Costa Rica is just full of surprises!

The hot springs

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