Sunday, April 3, 2016

Costa Rica Diary - The tropical Beach

Hey there, hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Mine was pretty relaxed, I stayed with my parents for a few days and really enjoyed being home. We had a big family BBQ, went to see 'The Revenant' at the movies (very recommendable), and had some long talks about my trip to Costa Rica and more family stuff. I just got back to my apartment today, university is calling, I can't be forever on vacation, haha!
So tonight's post is about a beautiful tropical beach in Manzanillo. We took a trip down there during our stay in Puerto Viejo, so it was the second stop of our Costa Rica trip.
We took a bus in the afternoon from Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo, it was a quick 30 minute ride, and we were simply amazed when we got there! Palm trees as far as the eye can see and right on the beach, coconuts and crystal clear natural pools. And very few tourists, we had the entire beach just for ourselves - a love birds' paradise!
We took a long walk down the beach because we wanted to explore the area a little. So we didn't really get to swim but had the chance to discover many beautiful places such as the Mirador Gandoca Manzanillo, a big rock from where you can see the vast coast. I could have stayed there forever to watch the wild waves hit the rocky beach. Nature in its pure, raw beauty!
On the way back we stopped to lay down and chill for a while until some beach bugs got us and stung me like a million times, so we had to leave our romantic spot, haha. Anyway, we got to watch a beautiful sunset and some kids playing soccer at the beach. I loved the tranquility and peace of this moment. Just me and my boyfriend, the golden sun and happily laughing kids - another perfect day in Costa Rica <3

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