Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Costa Rica Diary - Welcome to the Jungle

My lovely readers, tonight I'm taking you to the jungle! After a few days on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica we took a bus back to San José early in the morning and from there another one to Monteverde which is located in the mountains north of the capital. We arrived at night so we started looking for a hostel and found a decent room right away at Hostel Savegre Inn. We had a cozy bedroom with a view of the mountains. They offered yummy breakfast in the morning and also free yoga lessons at 6am which I personally loved. You just feel so much better starting your day exercising and meditating. You can see some pics of the hostel at the end of this post.
So after our first evening in Monteverde we started our next day early because we wanted to check out the Santa Elena cloud forest. There are two different cloud forests in Monteverde but we checked out this one because it was cheaper and seemed more interesting. By the way, take your student id, you'll get some dollars off! A shuttle came to pick us up and brought us right to the entrance of the forest. It was my first walk through a rain forest - a lush garden of moss, trees, lianes and flowers. I was simply amazed by the vast nature, it felt kinda magical wandering through the thick forest and enjoying the peace of that place. There were no other tourists so it was really calm. Later we met a cool German couple who accompanied us the rest of the way. It was so much fun walking in a group of four, especially because it was a pretty long tour. Unfortunately we didn't get to see any animals except for a huge bird and some bugs. However, I really loved the humidity, vegetation and harmony of this place.
After our excursion we met another German guy who told us about a huge tree you can climb up from the inside. Of course we had to check it out! So the four of us left the forest and started looking for that tree. After a short shuttle ride and walking up a hill we finally found it. It was simply impressive - a hollow tree, about 15m high and with a huge trunk and treetop. We watched some people climbing up the tree one after the other. Since it's hollow you can climb it up from the inside just holding onto the roots. So when it was our turn I was kinda nervous, not so much because of the height but more because there was no one to hold you when you fall, haha. My boyfriend and I started our way up, there's only room for one person in the trunk so I had to go first and he went up right after me. Getting closer to the top I became more nervous because the trunk was tighter up there and there was not much room to move. Once on the top I was shaking but happy, proud and full of adrenaline. The view from there was just amazing and looking down was even more exciting. We were so high up in the canopy, it was an incredible feeling! We relaxed for a moment, enjoyed the breathtaking view and took some photos before climbing down. What an adventure!
Hope you like the pics, xo

Our tree adventure

Our hostel - Savegre Inn

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