Thursday, April 7, 2016

Costa Rica Diary - First Wildlife Experience

Hey guys, today's post is a really fun and special one for me because it's about wildlife and about my first experience photographing animals.
 After two days in Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo my boyfriend and I decided to stop in Cahuita for a day, which is also on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and just half an hour away from where we spent our first days. Cahuita is a really small village - two supermarkets, a few restaurants, bars and hostels or 'cabinas'. BUT it has an amazing national park where you can see loads of funny animals and also sligthly intimidating ones like yellow vipers. You can walk the entire park by yourself or book a guide who will look for animals for you. We had such a marvelous day exploring Costa Rica's wildlife. Right at the beginning of the park we met some really cute capuchin monkeys and also howler monkeys with their babies. We also ran into lots of different snakes, huge spiders, colorful crabs and our first sloth! The tour was just amazing, the path goes through the jungle and is right next to a beautiful wild beach. Fortunately we didn't meet a lot of tourists so we had the paradisiacal park just for ourselves.
It was also the first time for me that I saw some wild monkeys and other animals in their natural habitat without being separated from them by a fence or window. It was such a wonderful experience and I really loved seeing the free animals play, jump and eat. I also really enjoyed taking photos of them with my 300mm zoom lens, the pics came out just fantastic, don't you think so? ;-)

And this was our cozy 'home' in Cahuita, Cabinas Palmer.

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