Sunday, April 17, 2016

Costa Rica Diary - La Fortuna

Hey guys, hope you all had a fantastic weekend with your loved ones! Today you finally get to see a new Costa Rica post about our first day in La Fortuna. After two nights and an hour-long jungle excursion in Monteverde we decided to spend a few days there to explore the waterfalls, hot springs and the Arenal Volcano in the area of La Fortuna.
My boyfriend and I booked a shuttle early in the morning that took us to a boat that takes you over the Lake Arenal to the village of La Fortuna. The boat trip was very relaxing and from the middle of the lake we had such a fantastic view of the volcano, the first one I have ever seen in my life! When we arrived another shuttle took us from the lake to our hotel. We stayed at Cabinas Jerry, a cozy hotel with smaller and bigger rooms from $14 to $30 a night. We were so comfortable there that we stayed three nights. After we settled in a little my boyfriend and I took a walk to discover the village of La Fortuna. It's a pretty modern small city with lots of shops, restaurants and bars, and the best thing: a huge volcano at the end of the main street. We found some really cute, not too expensive diners, loads of supermarkets and fruit and veggie stores where we bought some fresh exotic fruit for a salad. We also enjoyed shopping at the supermarket because the supermarkets in La Fortuna were way bigger than the others we had seen so far during our trip and had a lot more products. I added some photos for you guys so you get an impression of what a Costa Rican supermarket looks like, haha. Later that day our friends arrived. The German couple we met in Monteverde the day before decided to stay with us in La Fortuna for a couple of days. We took another walk with them and later cooked some soup and had a yummy salad for dinner. So that was pretty much our first day in la Fortuna. We wanted to explore the volcano and its surroundings the next day so we decided to just have a relaxing first day. My next post will be about our amazing trip to the volcano, so stay tuned!

Our hotel Cabinas Jerry

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