Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Freedom means the Opportunity to be what we never thought we would be

Wohoo, after almost two years of exploring every single corner of the city (even the darkest ones, you know...where people actually get shot) I finally made it to Liberty Island! When I came to New York in December 2010 I compiled a list of approximately 500 things I wanted to see and do in the Big Apple. Two years later there were only two things left on this list - a date with the Statue of Liberty and a performance by the New York City Ballet. A couple weeks ago I could at least check my visit to America's toughest border-control agent - on the job for 126 years now!  
So here are some fabulous shots of the New York Harbor and Lady Liberty, not only a symbol of freedom to millions around the world but also a monument that stands for international friendship and hope!

We HEART Manhattan

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