Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Red Lips and a Mouth full of Gold

Tonight I am blogging from Orlando and you know what's the weirdest thing? This is my fifth day in sunny Florida and I haven't missed New York at all! The sun, blue sky, palm trees and pools are most likely the reason why I haven't thought about the gray and really cold Big Apple yet. Good for me.. I get to enjoy a full last week of summer before returning to the cold East Coast. I do miss my dearest friends and sister though, especially because she is leaving New York tomorrow.
However, while I am exploring Disney World and its sparkling charm, you get to see some shots of one of the last clubbing nights with my sister. That very night I made a special discovery - New Yorkers are so rich, they only dance on golden floors... at least at Pink Elephant, a glamorous underground club where we had a blast! Great interior and beautiful people, no original girls but beautiful, tall and skinny ones - I think that's a New Yorker disease - please get me some realness! The music actually sucked though, the DJ did not play Lil Wayne, Jay Z or Drake once, so no hip hop hooray for us that night.

The night ends at SL... again

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