Friday, October 19, 2012

So much harder at Times I cried a River, you dried my Eyes and brought me back to Laughter

Hey there, after confronting you with some personal issues in the last post and getting some very surprising positive feedback (I will make sure to reply when I get back from my vacation), I am going to write about a private matter again - this post is dedicated to my wonderful, loving sister Nina!
We have unfortunately gotten there, we have reached the day of Nina's departure. My big sister with who I experienced all my adventures in New York, is going back to Germany next week - more or less nonvoluntarily. Since I am going on vacation to Disneyworld, Florida, I have to say goodbye to her today and it's breaking my heart. We went through all ups and downs together, we laughed and cried side by side, we celebrated our fabulous life together. I know we will be back together in Germany (as soon as I am leaving the US in December we will be reunited) but it's never going to be the same, IT'S NOT NEW YORK!
Nina, you helped and supported me in any way you could. You helped me find and develop myself, you were there for me when I went through the most difficult times, in embarrassing situations - no matter how hopeless some moments seemed, you were my lifesaver.
But you were not only there for me during the darkest times, in fact we went through many more happy moments together! We explored Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Vegas (unforgettable hot tub sessions), Washington DC, Chicago and Miami (even more unforgettable moments). We partied in over 34 clubs during the last two years, we met countless celebrities (Hey there, Gerard Butler and Chris Brown), we spent so many nights philosophizing about life, our future and men, we speeded down the New Yorker rivers on jetskis and speedboats, we met the craziest homeless people and partygoers ("Wow, what did you take? You're in such a great party mood!" - Not to forget Lenny's acrobatics), we hiked through the deepest woods in Upstate New York and we celebrated the new year and our new life at Times Square with millions of people (Hello 2011 and 2012)... but above all we took New York by storm, the city that will always stay in our hearts!
Nina, I admire your power, your extraordinary sense of humor and the effortlessness with which you take life as it is. I am overhappy to know that you will stay by my side for the rest of my life, thank you for being who you are - my amazing sister! My life is better because you are in it, I love you!
PS: Now I have to stop writing because I am shedding tears already!

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