Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's a Roc Nation! Hova in the House

Hip-hop hooray! Shawn "Jay Z" Carter kicked off an jaw-dropping eight-show run to christen Brooklyn's new Barclays Center (home to the Brooklyn Nets) and I was part of it! The Grammy-winning king of hip hop playing his most famous songs in the brand new arena - how could I resist? Let me tell you this... it was cra-z! Not only the fact that thousands of people are coming together to celebrate one person's fame, also the size of the stadium was incredible!
"Hova" has undoubtedly redefined both the music industry and the American Dream which could both be seen and heard on stage. Jay Z himself told us: "You just gotta find out what you're a genius at. I don't believe that God thought: Oh, you're special. To another one: No, you're not. Everyone is good at something!" Mr. Carter himself perfectly embodies this motto for sure!
There was only one melody (okay, maybe four) that I couldn't identify with any song I heard during the last 21 years of my life... apart from that I sang my heart out to every song Jay Z performed - amongst others "99 Problems", "Clique", "On to the next one" and "Big Pimpin". The concert was overwhelming, mesmerizing and breathtaking at the same time - an unforgettable celebration of life! How often do you have the chance to witness the king of hip hop solidify his reign at Barclays Center?


  1. beautiful skirt ;) pics are great!!!!
    kisses pretty

  2. Ich bin heute zum ersten mal auf deinen Blog gestoßen und ich glaub ich hab die letzten 3 Stunden damit verbracht, deine ganzen Posts durchzuschauen. Ich liebe deine Outfits, deine Bilder und deine Haare sind Wahnsinn. Vor 2 Jahren war ich selbst ein paar Wochen in New York, die Stadt ist der Wahnsinn. Ich wäre am liebsten auch für immer dort geblieben. Deswegen wünsch ich dir für deine letzten Monate dort noch ganz viel Spaß, genieß es, es gibt hier nämlich leider keine vergleichbare Stadt.
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland :)

    1. Wow, ich bin sprachlos. Vielen lieben Dank für diesen netten, ehrlichen Kommentar und die Wünsche! Ich möchte gar nicht nach Deutschland zurück :D Ich hoffe, du genießt den Blog weiterhin!

  3. great blog and such a pretty pics, dear! I'm a new follower now.
    Ofc in ur spare time feel free to visit my blog, hope u will like it too:)


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