Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Artist in me

One of the reasons why I am not writing a fashion blog is that I simply have more to talk about than just fashion. As you can see in this post I don't even always care about the way I'm dressed - a casual plaid shirt paired with jeans and Converse always works for me. Besides, New York City has so much more to offer than just hip fashionistas!
Thus I am taking you to the wonderful Brooklyn Bridge Park today (one of my favorite parks in the city) or more precisely to the DUMBO Arts Festival which I attended last year already (click here to see the post). When I checked out the art pieces with my best friend Yasemin last year (Yasemin, New York misses you tons), we had a marvelous time - for this reason I just had to go back to see what the artists created this year and again... it blew my mind! Not only the weather was worth going to the festival - check out this fascinating shot I took of the Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan right before a thunderstorm! I am always admiring how creatively and uniquely artists express their thoughts and ideas by transforming them into sculptures, paintings and other works of art. Just look at those phenomenal pieces of art every single genius created! This year we were even allowed to actively participate by painting a huge board with other festival-visitors. Enjoy the picures!

Our very own piece of art

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