Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A very special Person once told me I should further personalize my Blog...

Dear readers, I'm neither sure how many of you actually do read what I write on my blog, nor do I know if anyone's interested in my personal life at all. The basic idea that came to my mind when I started this blog was to show the people out there how fabulous life in New York City can be to bring it closer to all the New York lovers. I never wanted to expose my feelings, mood or private matters, simply because I think that no one is interested in that. However, sometimes I do write about my feelings or let people know if anything bothers me (for example in this post).
The other day I went for dinner with a person whose opinion I sincerely appreciate, a person who knows me better than I do. So we went to this fancy restaurant in SoHo - seafood, yum! If you read this, dear person who took me out for dinner that night, it WAS the first time I ever had oysters (sorry I lied) and considering that you like seafood a lot (and eat loads of oysters) you have most likely noticed that anyway.
So this person tells me I should personalize my blog more... you know, writing about my experiences from a more personal point of view, about my feelings or thoughts I have. Now I ask myself: Why would I want to do that?
First of all I think my blog is pretty personal, unlike fashion bloggers who only talk about the latest fashion trends and how many pairs of shoes they own, I do write about my personal experiences in New York City.
One of my concerns is that my future boss might dislike what I'm posting here since I try to be as sincere and criticial as I can and some people might not like that. In addition to that, my privacy is everything to me, my friends and people who know me well also know how I am feeling, I don't think they have to read that on my blog as I am in contact with them anyway. 
In addition to that - thoughts running through my mind right now: Did I gain too much weight since I came to the US? Should I go to Afghanistan as a war correspondent to cover stories firsthand from the war zone? I seriously want and need to do that. How many suitcases do I need to pack to bring everything I accumulated in NYC during the last two years back to Germany and why do all my books have to be so heavy? (I should buy a Kindle) Why do so many people care that I do not have an iPhone? Am I old-fashioned just because I adore handwritten (grammatically correct) notes and letters which do not include text language like lol, rofl, smh or wtf? 
Dear person who asked me to personalize my blog, is this what you would like to read every day? I do not really consider these thoughts as interesting or enriching, but maybe you do?
Love, Laura
PS: Yes, those ARE Instagram pictures and my best friend Yasemin edited them for me.


  1. It's all up to you what do you want to do write in your blog. IMO the blog is yours and you keep it as you like. You will find like-minded readers.
    But please, don't categorize fashion bloggers like that. Read what they have to say (for example me) and you see they don't talk in the way you mentioned ;))
    Anyway I have been reading your blog and IMO the best blog comes when the blogger writes in a way she / he wants to.
    x, Lara

  2. I think you should show a bit of yourself in your blog, it keeps readers interested and it makes you seem more like a person than a robot. Although there is such a thing as too much personality, the trick is finding that balance! Great post!


  3. Personally I would love your blog to be a little bit more personal. It's pretty to look at now, but some personal thoughts/talks about your daily life might make it even more interesting. For instance, until some posts ago I didn't even know what were you working in NY. of course you don't have to share everything - obviously you don't have to tell us about every minor problem or detail of your life or post pictures after getting up in the morning- but I'm sure you can keep the balance yourself :)
    And no, you didn't gain too much weight :)

  4. All of those things you mentioned are extremely interesting. You be surprised at what us bloggers find interesting - even the most mundane task, I'd love to read about ... Because everyone deals with these mundane tasks differently and your perspective could be different than mine. You might enlighten me, or better yet, inspire me. I think that is what all bloggers and blog reader are looking for -- to be inspired :)

  5. Ich lese deinen Blog jetzt schon sehr lange und schaue jeden Tag nach,ob du wieder gepostet hast.
    Ich liebe deinen Blog wirklich,ich stelle mir immer vor,wie es wäre,wenn ich in New York sein würde und ob ich mein Leben auch so gut gestalten würde.
    Mich interessiert immer,was du postest und schreibst (auch wenn mein Englisch nicht soo gut ist).
    Dennoch würden mich zum Beispiel die Fragen,die du gestellt hast,interessieren und ich würde mich über einbißchen mehr Persönlichkeit freuen.
    Ich hoffe,ich war nicht zu kritisch.


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