Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hello Brooklyn, how you doin'? Where you goin'? Can I come too?

Hey there, to be honest... I am actually sitting in class - yes, even I have to educate myself once in a while! This is rather sad because I have to spend the whole weekend on campus even though it is the last weekend I'll get to spend in New York City with my wonderful sister. She's leaving the United States in two weeks (let's just not think about it) to go back to our home country Germany and since I am going on vacation (yay, Disneyworld in Florida for me... Nina, that does not mean I forget about you!) I would rather spend this weekend with her instead of sitting here in front of the screen in school. Please do not think that I'm not working hard, it really is my job to write a blog in this class called "Enhancing your digital lifestyle". 
And let me tell you this, it feels so good being back in school (at least for the weekend). If some of you did not know - I am working with kids and basically spend the entire day with them so this is a fantastic escape for me!
I do not neglect going out with my sister though so the evenings are all ours. See, my weekend looks exactly like this: Friday - work from 6.30am till 4, class from 6pm till 8, clubbing from 12pm till 4am; Saturday - going to bed at 4am, waking up at 7am, class starts at 9, class ends at 8pm, heading back to the city for another party night with my sister Nina; Sunday - probably not coming home before 4am again, getting up at 7am, sitting in class from 9am till 3pm - and finally, hello weekend! For now you get to see some pictures of Brooklyn, enjoy!

Brooklyn's latest hotspot - Barclays Center

The Botanic Garden

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