Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Did the City that never sleeps spoil me?

“For Once You Have Tasted Flight 

You Will Walk The Earth With Your Eyes Turned Skywards, 

For There You Have Been And There You Will Long To Return.”

Leonardo da Vinci

This is exactly how I feel after living in New York City for two years!  
I have experienced so many incredible adventures in the Big Apple I can't even name them all. The city that never sleeps offers its residents millions of chances to create their life as exciting as possible! No wonder that this city draws millions of people every day, an endless number of dreamers wishing to live there! So do I and in fact I did live there for the last two years! See, that's the big problem, once you have lived in NYC you're so spoiled that you'll be bored anywhere you move to after that. Once you have experienced the superlative you can't just go back to a normal life! Even Berlin (where these pics were taken) couldn't meet New York's standard.
In Germany I can't climb up skyscrapers, I can't go jetskiing in summer, I can't meet Jake Gyllenhaal and Victoria's Secret models on the street, I can't dine in the most famous restaurants of the world, I can't cheer for the Knicks or Brooklyn Nets, I can't sing my heart out on Broadway, I can't put up a fuss when thousands of tourists are annoying me (hello Times Square), I can't go to the Guggenheim when it rains or bike the Brooklyn Bridge when the sun shines, I can't spend my summer in the Hamptons or go ice skating at Rockefeller Center in winter...
However, I'm pretty sure that one day I will live in New York City again, then for good! 
For the time being... I don't look back, I'm not going that way! 

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