Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Listen, we don't pay Admission, and Bouncers don't check us, and we walk around the Metal Detectors

If you ever wondered what German clubs look like from the inside - admire these unique party shots I took! 
Differences between German clubs in my area and New York City clubs? 
1. The German club looks like the Empire State building next to the NYC club that looks like the Statue of Liberty - way bigger! Now what does that mean? German clubs are Miami size,meaning huge screens, fabulous décor, insane light shows, the DJ's turntable is five times bigger than the New Yorker one, and if you dislike the music just go to the next room - 4 different halls for all kinds of music! 
2. Unless you look like a totally dorky freak, didn't shower in days or have a butt as big as an Escalade trunk you will most likely get in - money doesn't matter, looks do but not as much as in New Yorker clubs cause the German ones are biggerthey can simply afford letting more people in. In NYC it's all about the image... unless you're a million dollar guy or a model type (skinny with no appetite) you will most likely NOT get in!
3. Germans dance more but not together! This is a tie between both clubs, German and New Yorker party people both dance (most of the time) but Americans actually dance more together as a couple than Germans. See that's the problem - German guys either don't dare to hit on a girl or simply don't know how to move their body to hip hop beats! Listen, I've once been to a Spanish club with my boyfriend and almost fainted, these guys know how to shake what their mama gave them!
4. German clubs = cheap drinks! Is that the reason why ladies have to pay for themselves? Duuuh! New Yorker clubs = Promoters!
5. The heels are higher in the Big Apple, girls dress up more which I love! German girls care about their looks but try not to overdo it with their sexiness, too sad!

Now enjoy the pictures!

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