Monday, February 4, 2013

It's just not New York City

It is not NEW YORK! This was my first thought when I came to Berlin. My trip to the German capital was quite exciting both in a negative and positive way. First of all I have to vent my anger a little... dear German bus drivers, you're the most unfriendly employees in public service, I'm sorry to say this but you are way worse than New Yorker cabbies! Why do so many Germans have to be so rude and stiff? You live in a pretty awesome country, smile a little more for God's sake! 
During the four days we spent in Berlin my best friend and I had to face our future - we will most likely have to live in good old Germany for the next three years to study, boohoo! On some days we found ourselves crying for NYC and Los Angeles (where my friend Kim lived), on other days we loved the chaotic city of Berlin - this was definitely an overwhelming trip in any imaginable way.  
In fact, there are a few interesting things about Berlin. Even though I've been to our capital a couple times before I was still impressed by its size and history. Plus, Germans are so liberal they even have weed caf├ęs there, surprising, huh?! Anyway, nothing compared to New York, I expected more of my potential future home Berlin so I missed the Big Apple even more including all its energy, crazy but super friendly and open residents, its enormous skyscrapers and insane nightlife. I probably should give it another try, go see Berlin in summer because, you know, it's just summer!

Can't believe our luck - a Statue of Liberty bear!

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