Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Hipster's Paradise

Just like SoHo, Williamsburg is one of my favorite New York City neighborhoods due to its art and fashion scene. I always wholeheartedly enjoy watching all the hipsters and artists on the streets there, Williamsburg in Brooklyn is such an inspiring place. Since I am a true street art fan I sometimes get lost in taking pictures of all the graffitis and posters adorning the walls, and the stickers decorating doors and windows. In addition to that you can find unique restaurants on every street corner, and with unique I mean UNIQUE. Every place has its own character - I once went to a restaurant there called Surf Bar... the seats were made of surfboards and there was sand all over the floor, I felt like I was dining on the beach! Dear readers, make sure you'll visit Williamsburg whenever you come to New York City!

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