Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mon amour, tu me manques!

Un jour, Laura, une fille de dix-huit ans, arrivait sur Paris et voyait la ville la plus fabuleuse du monde! Elle ne pouvait pas en croire ses yeux, la grandeur de Paris l'essoufflait.
La Tour Eiffel; la Seine; tous les palais et les jardins royaux; les batiments ornés; le magnifique Louvre; l’énorme cathédrale Notre Dame; la basilique du Sacré-Coeur et tous les gens qu’elle observait dans les jolies rues - tout cela l'impressionna énormement et lui a aussitôt donnait l’envie d’y vivre. Un jour, lors d’une visite des catacombes de Paris, elle tomba sur un tableau intriguant et dessus était inscrit ces mots: “Pensez le matin que vous n'irez peut-être jusques au soir et au soir que vous n'irez peut-être jusques au matin”...

Whew, that was a whole lotta French! Took me like two hours to compose this text plus the correction of my Parisian friend! Once upon a time (feels like hundreds of years ago) I spoke French fluently but you have to understand... I didn't speak or write French in almost three years! I am still reading books written in this language but you know, it's not the same. Now how sad is that? And it's even worse because I do love the French capital so much that I once wanted to move there - instead I moved to New York, wasn't a bad decision after all!
I can't even tell you how much I adore Paris, I went there in 2009 (that's when I took these pictures) and ever since then I always wanted to go back! The history of Paris is incredible, not to 
name the architecture of the city and its art scene. Some of the world's most influential philosophers (aah, loving Sartre!) and writers were born in and came to this city to spread their words. As a fashion lover I can't forget the world's most famous designers either - Monsieur Dior, Madame Chanel, Monsieur Gaultier or Yves Saint Laurent and le Maestro of shoes - Christian Louboutin.
Paris, with all its beauty will always remain my second favorite city... what a surprise - New York is the number one for sure!

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