Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm doin' my own Thing

Something new today - a post with pictures of... me - only ME!
You might have noticed that I rarely load up more than three pictures of myself per post - why? I do not write a fashion blog, thus I post more pictures of events, cities and landscapes, art or things I just consider as beautiful and inspiring - simple as that! My blog is on the one hand about New York City and what you can experience there (think of my blog as a NYC travel guide), on the other hand it's about my life, sometimes written in a superficial or ironic way (remember my last castle post?), other times from my very personal point of view.
Listen guys, it's not that I don't like fashion blogs, on the contrary, I love spending hours inspecting the latest trends, the hottest spots to be and the fanciest shoes to wear. I constantly get lost in pictures of soft silk blouses, heels as high as the Empire State, Prada dresses in popping colors, and shiny hair. Fashion bloggers have a very distinct and unique style, that's why I admire them and that's why I read their blogs. 
However I do not consider myself as one of them simply because I don't like shopping as much as they probably do. I'm spending more money on books than on bags and more on concerts than on shoes - see, I do not own enough clothes to write an "Outfit of the day" post on a regular basis. Believe me, you would be bored to death seeing me in my Converse or boots every day, always wearing my favorite necklace (if you haven't noticed yet, it's the golden one with the spikes) and leggings (I don't like jeans). In fact, I do know that most of you would like to see more of what my closet is hiding but you will most likely see one outfit post like this one maybe two or three times a year. I leave that to the Excellence of fashion bloggers, cheers! 


  1. Kannst mega gut diesen asymetrischen Rock tragen und auch sonst schön kombiniert ! Auch wenn du gar keinen Fashion Blog anstrebst, so oder so hättest du mehr als potenzial dafür, immerhin weißt du was dir steht und das ist schon man ne Hürde die viele meiner Meinung nicht so beherrschen :)
    Wie ist das eigentlich, ähneln sich die Trends aus Deutschland und Amerika ? Ich denk immer " jaja ganz anders und 3 Jahre voraus " haha :)
    Liebe Grüße Lena

  2. I love your ingenuity! That is why I love you blog, you write from the heart and a sense of passion. I'm constantly on your site to learn and see new things about NYC! Can't wait to meet you chica!


  3. Vielen vielen Dank für deinen lieben Kommentar! :-) Die Bilder sind klasse, ich finde dich sehr hübsch und ich mag deine Jacke!

  4. Awesome outfit, love your skirt!

  5. Ha, maybe you are not a fashion blogger, but you sure look as one, great outfit, great photos!

  6. Richtig gutes Outfit...!! :)))

    Vielen lieben dank für so ein bezauberndes Kompliment!!!!!! :*
    Was machst du in New York? Krass!
    Bin ich auch in den Sommerferien...aber ist ja wohl was anders :D

    Ich folge dir jetzt :) Und würde mich echt freuen, würdest du mir auch folgen :)

  7. hi, I really LOVE your blog! I visited New York 2 times and it's the most beautiful city I know! In autumn I will visit it again and I can't waaait! Your photos are so colorfull, lovely <3 Bye the way... great Outfit haha. xxx

  8. New York Ciddy vom Feinsten! Kapuze plus Sonnenbrille plus flatteriges Etwas = sehr gelungener Look!

  9. Ach,den Post finde ich richtig sympathisch :) ich finde solche Blogs wie deine irgendwie...also nicht unbedingt interessanter(das natürlich auch sonst würd ichs nicht lesen xD) aber irgendwie kann ich davon mehr mitnehmen.Weißt was ich meine?^^ Ich liebe es,mir Inspiration etc.auf den Modeblogs zu holen,aber das bleibt mir nicht im Gedächtnis irgendwie...das hier wird mir spätestens bei meinem ersten NYC-Trip behilflich sein :)
    aber trotzdem finde ich das Outfit schön,ich stehe ja total auf so Flatter-lange-Schleppe-Kleider :))

  10. I loved this post, love the way you styled it.
    Amazing as always :-)



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