Monday, February 11, 2013

Une Vie sans Souci

Oh I wish I could live in a yellow castle all year long. A beautifully adorned castle on top of a hill right in the middle of Manhattan. A castle to which I could invite Karl Lagerfeld  for tea, Nelson Mandela for worldly discussions and Jay-Z for enriching interviews. A castle to shelter high society members as well as homeless people since we are all equal, a castle where no one had to worry about his or her identity and personality. A castle I would call Sanssouci - no worries. A yellow castle that would be surrounded by lovely gardens placed in the heart of the vibrant city of New York. A castle with a huge library where I could spend all day and devour one book after the other only to write my reports about the problem areas of this world later to engage as many people as possible in helping the socially deprived. A castle where... oops, woke up!
Good morning everyone! Found the castle in real life, plus it's yellow BUT it's in the beautiful city of Potsdam, near Berlin, instead of Manhattan - one cannot have everything! Enjoy these pictures of Potsdam :-)

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